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Business Etiquette

A one & two day workshop guaranteed to sharpen your leadership skills and boost your team’s productivity.

Business Etiquette


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  • You aren’t sure which fork to use,
  • You don’t know which side plate is yours,
  • You’ve ever had to make small talk with a Very Important Person and been lost for words…
  • Then you know just how agonizing such moments can be. Even worse (and what can be even more damaging to your career) are the social gaffes you aren’t even aware you make.
  • This workshop will help you handle most of those socially difficult moments.

  • Effective networking, including making introductions, shaking hands, and using business cards appropriately

How to dress appropriately for every business occasion
How to feel comfortable when dining in business and formal situations
How to feel more confident of your business communication in every situation
That extra edge that establishes trust and credibility

  • What Topics are Covered?

Business etiquette basics
The handshake
Business card etiquette
The skill of making small talk

  • Do you remember names?

Making that great first impression
Dress for success
Business dining
E-mail and telephone etiquette

  • Course Overview

You will spend the first part of the day getting to know participants and discussing what will take place during the workshop.
Students will also have an opportunity to identify their personal learning objectives.
Business Etiquette Basics
To begin, participants will explore what etiquette is all about and what role manners play.
Test Your Business Etiquette
As a pre-assignment, participants were asked come up with at least five examples of etiquette that they see at work or at home. During this session, we will review their examples; be prepared for somedebate!

  • The Handshake

During the important first few minutes of a new relationship, a handshake is usually the only physical contact between two people. In this session, we will discuss and demonstrate the five factors of a good
Business Card Etiquette
The exchange of business cards is a common ritual when meeting a new person. We will discuss some things to keep in mind when giving and receiving business cards.
The Skill of Making Small Talk
Being able to small-talk successfully is one of the most crucial skills a businessperson can develop, but it’s also one of the hardest. We’ll discuss some basic do’s and don’t’s of small talk.

  • Do You Remember Names?

There are four keys to remembering names. In this session, we will discuss and practice each of them.
Making that Great First Impression
During this session, we will discuss some ways that participants can make sure their first impression is perfect.
Dress for Success
It’s always difficult to know just how to dress, particularly if you’re meeting new people. We will cover some basic guidelines and the details of particular dress codes.

  • Business Dining

This session will focus on the do’s and don’t’s of business lunches. If possible, we recommend that you have participants practice an actual business lunch.
E-mail and Telephone Etiquette.
How a businessperson presents themselves over the phone and via e-mail is just as important as their in-person impression.We’ll discuss some key points of telephone and e-mail manners in both a small group
and a large group setting. We’ll also talk about thank-you notes.
Workshop Wrap-Up
At the end of the day, students will have an opportunity to ask questions and fill out an action plan.


From: 9:00 am
To: 5:00 pm
Individual Price 175.00LE
Duration 1 - 2 Day
Location All sites

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