Mastering the Interview

Mas­ter­ing the Interview


The inter­view is one of the key ele­ments of the job search process. As with any skill, we can get bet­ter at it with prepa­ra­tion and prac­tice. In this one-​day work­shop, par­tic­i­pants will explore how to pre­pare for an inter­view and become famil­iar with the types of

ques­tions to expect, as well as the ques­tions they should think about ask­ing. They will learn how to pre­pare for sec­ond inter­views, test­ing, and shad­ow­ing, as well as how to fol­low up on their inter­view sessions

.What Will You Learn?

  • Under­stand the dif­fer­ent types of inter­view ques­tions and how to pre­pare to answer them. Learn the most effec­tive ways to pre­pare for an inter­view, includ­ing how to present your­self professionally.
  • Develop exper­tise at express­ing your­self effec­tively. Know how to ask for feed­back fol­low­ing an interview.

What Top­ics are Covered?

  • Under­stand­ing the Interview
  • Types of Questions
  • Get­ting Ready
  • Live and In Per­son Fol­low­ing up the Inter­view Com­mon Prob­lems and Solu­tions Phase Two (after the inter­view) Prac­tice Makes Perfect
  • Seal­ing the Deal
  • Get­ting What You’re Worth

What’s included?

  • Instruc­tion by an expert facilitator
  • Small, inter­ac­tive classes
  • Spe­cial­ized man­ual and course materials
  • Per­son­al­ized cer­tifi­cate of completion


How much are your inter­view skills cost­ing you? How many oppor­tu­ni­ties have passed you by? For as long as you remain unem­ployed you are los­ing money. Every time you are invited for an inter­view and you do not get a job offer, you have missed an oppor­tu­nity. Inter­view train­ing will get you job offers.

Short Descrip­tion

Tell me about your­self. What expe­ri­ence do you have in this field? Do you con­sider your­self suc­cess­ful? What do you know about this orga­ni­za­tion? What have you done to improve your knowledge?

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